Wedding Lookbook: The Best Indian and International Flowers for your Wedding

For this week’s roundup, we’re turning to what is positively one of the prettiest part of any wedding: the flowers!.  I am kind of obsessed with flowers, and the thought of walking up a floral aisle, or to see incredible centerpieces adorn the table just blows me away. One can do so much with flowers. At most Indian weddings, flowers are used to decorate the mandap, the stage backdrop, the entrance and the table centerpieces. Lately, floral installations and floral props of all shapes and sizes are used to make a grand impact. I love seeing lovely floral peacocks and swans that make the place so lively. One of my favorite decor element is birdcages oozing with floral arrangements. So romantic.

Here is a brief introduction to Indian flowers and International flowers that are used at Indian weddings. Hope it helps you find your fav ones!

There are many traditional Indian flowers that can be used to make your wedding look lovely and romantic. From the most popular choices like Carnation, Rose, Jasmine (chameli), Tuberose (rajnigandha) to African daisy (gerbera) and Marigolds (genda), different types of flowers exude a different charm to the decor.

Roses and Gerbera come in many varied colors and are easily available the entire year round. Marigolds come in bright yellow, white and orange and are among the less expensive flowers used at weddings. Rajnigandha, jasmine and mogra are used for their royal ethereal white hue and strong fragrance. They are considered to be the most traditional flowers and auspicious too. Carnations and roses are commonly used as centerpiece flowers and also used to enhance the entrance arch of the venue.